Birthday Parties

Are you looking to do something really special this year for your child’s birthday party?
Our school hosts an exhilarating birthday party of martial arts related games & events that will be remembered for months. For years, kids have enjoyed their birthday parties with USSD Half Moon Bay Karate. They tell all of their friends about how unique and different a party at a karate dojo is than a typical jumpy house party. Give your kids a birthday party to remember this year. If you are looking for a totally unique and original birthday party, USSD is the place to be! It is the kind of birthday that your child will remember for a very long time.
Our karate birthday parties can include:

   • Personalized Invitations

   • Piñata

   • USSD t-shirts and gifts

   • Prizes

   • Pizza & cake

Have your next birthday party at USSD! Click HERE to contact us about hosting your next birthday party.