LIT Program

Our USSD Leader-in-Training (LIT) program is for those looking to build youth
leadership and facilitation skills. Our program focuses on team bonding and a deepened
sense of responsibility in both the day-to-day interactions and overall vibe and camp
experience. Leaders-in-Training cultivate strengths, gain community service hours, a
letter of recommendation, and lay the foundation for leadership positions in the future.

Team LIT:
• Supports Lead Counselors with facilitation, games and team vibe
• Assists Instructor in the classroom with projects and classroom management
• Aids Camp Director with various camp operations, admin and camper relations

• Acts as an Assistant Instructor and supports the USSD classroom and Instructor
• Supports campers as they build and solve problems
• Assists Instructors in classroom management and organization
Please Note: Children must apply and go through an interview and training process to
be a part of this program

The LIT program is for ages 16 and above. 

Apply below!

Please provide the required field.

The application process is as follows:

On the application:
◦ Make a commitment of at least two weeks to the program
◦ Select a date for Interview and Orientation

Attend a group interview date at at one of the designated locations

If accepted, the LIT (or parental guardian) will receive a link to log into our
system and officially register for the weeks the LIT will be participating in the
program. A weekly program fee of $90 a week will be charged.
◦ Participate in an Orientation
◦ Report to camp