KENPO TRAINING PROGRAM (Children and Adults)

The Martial Art of Shaolin Kenpo is effective for self defense, easy to understand for the beginner but with a depth of material for more advanced students. Our methods of instruction include:


At United Studios of Self Defense, every student receives thirty minutes of private instruction each week. Private Instruction provides the ultimate in personal training. This focused learning approach insures that each student will get the attention they need to succeed.
Each class is tailored to the needs of the student, which allows progress at a much faster rate. Students can receive additional help in troubled areas. Students may be teamed up in the private to begin training on the more advanced principles and applications of techniques. Private Instruction is always scheduled at your convenience.


In addition, students may attend as many group lessons as they like. Groups increase stamina and provide an excellent time to practice skills and techniques with students close to the same age and ability.
With a goal of successful practice and application in mind, each class consists of effective self defense training and drills, plus various exercise and stretching routines.


All techniques and material is contained in our Student Manual.


The student can watch the techniques from different angles and speeds on desktop, tablet or mobile devices to increase retention and speed learning.
The average student will advance properly attending between two and four times per week, including the private session.


United Studios of Self Defense has over one-hundred schools in the US. Students who relocate may often find another United Studios location to continue their training.


We support our troops! USSD HMB offers all active and non-active Military, Firefighters, and Police Officers a Special Promotion. Our school would like to thank all of our Military for all that they do! Please bring your Military ID to redeem!

United Studios of Self Defense Instructors with Professor Charles Matter.

Founder of United Studios of Self Defense Professor Charles Mattera, with Shaolin Monks at United Studios of Self Defense Northern California Martial Arts Tournament, November 2010.

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